How to Use Whey Protein to Lose Weight: Part 2

This is a continuation of my discussion regarding how to use whey protein to lose weight.  Click here to read part 1.  As I embark on Week 2 of my weight loss effort a couple of thoughts come to mind.

Meal Replacement Smoothies

I find that term to be a little puzzling.  My breakfast smoothies are all well balanced meals.  They contain a healthy amount of good quality protein, one or more servings of fruits and vegetables, and a “good” fat.  That is a complete meal — not a meal replacement.  There.  I’m glad I got that off my chest.

And if one is using meal replacement smoothies for weight loss it becomes even more critical that one sees to it that each one is a complete and balanced meal.

Smoothies for lunch?

And given what I said above, the other comment I want to share at this point is that properly made smoothies can also be an easy, quick, healthy lunch.  Just keep in mind a balance of protein, good fat, and fruits and vegetables.  You might want to consider them for those occasions when you are in the midst of a rushed and hectic day and find yourself tempted to grab a fast food lunch that will go against your good intentions.  Smoothies are quick and easy and can be among the healthiest meal options.

Day 8

Breakfast smoothie included a handful of fresh kale and a few strawberries along with  the usual base of whey protein powder, almond and coconut milks, and flaxseed oil.

Lunch was a bowl of mixed greens, red pepper strips, tomato, avocado, and tuna with a salad dressing of olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Dinner was chicken, green beans, and summer squash.

I am pleased to note that my energy level seems to be improving each day.

If you’ve read Part 1 of this “diary” you will have noticed a meal planning formula.  Breakfast is a smoothie that consists of a few basic items such as the whey protein powder, flaxseed oil, almond milk and coconut milk.  To that base I add a variety of fruits and vegetables — each morning can offer a different combination.

Lunches are salads that begin with a couple of handfuls of mixed greens.  Add more fruits and veggies such as tomato, cucumber, olives, avocado and sliced onion.  Top with a serving of protein such as tuna, salmon, chicken, etc.   Often this is something left over from the previous night’s dinner.

Dinner is the one meal I really have to think about and plan for.  If it is a crock pot meal I need to start it in the morning.  The “formula” is the same: a good protein source paired with a serving or two of low starch vegetables.

Progress report:  It is now Day 11 and I have lost 4 pounds.  I continue to avoid grains and sugars — other than those that naturally occur in fruits and vegetables.  [I did dream about eating a cookie last night.  I hope that didn't cause my brain to kick into some kind of blood sugar alert!]

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