Organic Whey Protein Concentrate



Grass fed organic whey protein concentrate is the best whey protein.  “Organic” because the quality of the finished product (whey) depends on the quality of the source (milk) and the processing.  And “concentrate” because the body can better assimilate the nutrients in the whey.  Read this post for more detail about why organic whey protein concentrate is the best whey protein.

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Why choose organic whey protein powder?

If your whey protein is carefully produced, from start to finish, the result is an exceptionally high quality protein that is easily digested and utilized by your body.

  • Whey is an excellent source of 18 different amino acids including arginine, cysteine, methionine, and glutamine.  Cysteine and methionine help the body produce glutathione – the “master” antioxidant.
  • Whey promotes healthy insulin secretion and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  • Whey contains immunoglobulins which support your immune system.
  • And in addition to being a readily available high quality protein it also supports healthy bones.

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