Best Whey Protein For Women


action whey 1 containerWomen, are you thinking about including whey protein in your diet but wondering which is the best whey protein for women?  Maybe you think, given all the hype you’ve been reading, that whey protein is just for bodybuilding.  Not so, but I can understand how you might have come to that belief.  It does seem that most of the sales pitches focus on building muscles.  But we all need a certain amount of protein in our diet!  So, when you buy whey protein, what should you look for?

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I started taking whey protein at the suggestion of my doctor because my blood tests indicated I was low in protein.  I initially purchased the brand carried by my local store, but gradually started doing a little research on my own to find out what qualities I should be looking for when I buy whey protein.

But first  .  .  . why organic whey protein powder?

If your whey protein is carefully produced, from start to finish, the result is an exceptionally high quality protein that is easily digested and utilized by your body.

  • Whey is an excellent source of 18 different amino acids including arginine, cysteine, methionine, and glutamine.  Cysteine and methionine help the body produce glutathione – the “master” antioxidant.
  • Whey promotes healthy insulin secretion and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  • Whey contains immunoglobulins which support your immune system.
  • And one of the benefits of whey protein for women is that in addition to being a readily available high quality protein it also supports healthy bones

What qualities should you look for when you buy whey protein?

Organic grass fed whey protein ~ Let’s start from the beginning – that is, the cows!  The food that the cows eat and any medications or hormones that they are given will affect the quality of the milk they produce.  So look for whey that comes from cows that are raised “organically”.  They should be grazing on grass that is free of pesticides.  They should not be treated with hormones and antibiotics.

Cold processed ~ This pure, natural milk must be carefully treated to ensure that the protein molecule is not damaged in the processing of the whey.  High heat should be avoided.

Great taste ~ Let’s face it, if it doesn’t taste good you are probably not going to consume it.  Even if you think you should include it in your diet because of the health benefits, your good resolve is likely to be short lived if you don’t like the taste.

The best whey protein for women is one that offers balance and support for your whole system.  The concentrate form maintains all of the essential amino acids that were present in the milk plus the immune-boosting antioxidants.  Did you know that fat is essential for the absorption of some of these nutrients?  If all of the fat is stripped from the whey you lose a lot of the potential benefits.

Whether you are looking for muscle-building support, weight-loss help, restored energy, or just needing to add a high quality protein to your diet, you will find that adding the concentrate form of organic whey protein powder to your menu is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  When your menu includes whey protein, weight loss, increased energy and muscle-building support are all enhanced.





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